Review – Poetry Performance Online

Well, last night we had the second virtual Poetry Performance evening, bringing Poetry at the Adelaide into our own homes. A great success.

Hosted by the vibrant Clive Rowland, we had a full programme of original and innovative poetry. Starting with the clever John Sephton with two small and classy poems Blue Notes and Expecting to Fly. The latter being a surreal love song.

This was followed by PP regular Carol Wain with an acrostic poem Familiarity. Strong and poignant, Carol

Dressing the part was another prolific regular Andrew Evzona, in full Halloween garb. Creating a great atmosphere, his poems included the very touching Home Address. A moving and innovative account of the family home.

Relative newcomer Bob Kimmerling blew us away with his beautifully detailed and vivid work including I watched my Father dig

Clever Heather Montford read two poems by the late, and much missed, Frances White. One of them being the beautiful Damsons and Dahlias – with the incredible description – Film Star Kisses – what an amazing line!

We were delighted to see Tom McColl with The Phoney War, which has the saddest and moving last line. Then the relatively new The Usual Address. Fascinating and compulsive, Tom. Please come back next time.

And welcome back to Tony Josolyne with the strong and vivid Rambling.

This brought us to the break where I kicked off a discussion on poetry titles after reading notices ie Roger McGough poetry competition – closing date 7th December 2020, so still time to enter!!

Then a climatic atmosphere as our featured poet Math Jones was introduced. A very welcome return, his last appearance was at the Adelaide in 2018. Been too long, Math! A big, big welcome back to you!

Math read some beautiful pieces. A poet who really goes from strength to strength. Catch his Facebook live streams – they’re quite something!

Math entranced us with five amazing pieces – my own favourite being The Midwife, haunting, striking and so razor sharply articulated.

Look up the fascinating recent interview I carried out with the amazing Math. Worth a look…..

Math’s set was cleverly chosen for the season with communications from ancestors, fairies and incantations drawn from folklore, that verged towards the intense and remarkable. Stunning poems, Math, well done. We knew you’d come up with the goods!

Followed by a strong Q&A led by Clive. It was great to see the two of them back together again on that virtual sofa!

A good start to the second half, with the talented Pat Cammish performing Grandmama’s Tale. Beautifully read, Pat.

The original and enigmatic Robin Clarke followed with The Family – a clear account and reflection that was so true, it was almost uncomfortable!!

Fran Thurling’s incredibly detailed They’re Selling the Old Farm House was next, a poignant telling of a family home. More delights from Connaire Kensit with Stepping Stones containing colourful childhood memories. A stunner, Connaire!

Then our very own Poetry Performance founder, Anne Warrington performed a wonderful piece Oh, the Joys of Teaching, vividly reflecting on her experience as a teacher.

Ruthless poet Heather Moulson came up next with Happy Families – a loaded card game, revealing reflections on that timeless and frustrating card game. Then Longing, part of a trilogy that just needs the third piece to be written!

Ruthless and ambiitious – will walk over anyone to get what she wants. Best to be avoided!

The lovely Barbara Lee was an apt climax for a great evening. Barbara kept to the family poem theme and gave an explosive and traumatic account of her own family life. Powerful and thought-provoking, Barbara. Well done.

Drained and elated from Poetry Performance’s successful evening, we look forward to the next virtual session on Sunday 6th December, hosted by Heather Montford.

Of course, we’d rather be back upstairs at the Adelaide, but at least Zoom – which seems to be in it for the duration – will bond us together during this bizarre and unique period of history.

Thank you everyone. We’ll meet again soon.

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll return shortly for a Bonfire Night theme! Same time, same channel…….

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