Halloween II

Hello, Poetry Lovers. My two lovely poet pals have accepted my challenge and came up with more wonderful Halloween pieces. And they’re fabulous!

Here are pictures of that glamorous pair – Trisha Broomfield and Sharron Green. Read on…….

And witches fly……..

by Trisha Broomfield 2020

They tell me it’s the night that

witches fly,

I duck my head and hurry

home as darkness falls,

the sky at once from light

to dark

there is no dusk in a

Queensland park.

Fear Festival

by Sharron Green

The haunted house

is screaming doom

as witches spittle

in the gloom.

Plague rats are primed,

cobwebs are draped,

Bleached vampires fanged

and velvet caped.

Gaunt ghosts are coughing,

dragging chains

while graves lay waiting

for remains.

Bat blood is curdling

in a pool,

the temperature

is far from cool.

So will kids still shout

“Trick or Treat?”

and dare they knock

to swipe a sweet?

The stage is set

for Halloween,

this year’s the scariest

we’ve seen.


Weren’t they amazing?! A prize wings their way to both of them. Happy Halloween to everybody, and thanks for watching.

Tune in same time, same channel for more poetry antics….

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