The Train Station

Hello Poetry lovers

Now one of the many things I’ve missed during this lockdown period is getting the train to London.

My dear friend and poet, Barbara Lee has penned a lovely poem about going on that train to the Big Smoke. I think she’s captured it all beautifully. Read on

The Train Station

Today I went on a train

Just to be normal again

I felt the crowds beneath my feet

Me standing in a train waiting for a seat

I saw them on a platform

Juggling to get past

On their phones trying to get home fast

I saw them all those crowds

Teenagers why are you all so loud

Saturday night going into town

But now I don’t hear a sound

The train station is so quiet and cold

It’s like this every day so I’m told

Everyone working from home

The train station and trains so alone

I love to people watch from a quiet seat

You never know who you might meet

The crowds


At the train station

Barbara Lee 2021

Wasn’t that just wonderful, PL’s. Thank you so much, Barbara and keep them coming. You’ve given us hope that we will be back on that train one day……

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back real soon with more poetry capers…..

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