Hello Poetry Lovers

Now this is going to come as a shock but Mrs Slagg does actually have a soft side. Mainly she likes brutal poems, but she has time for the occasional piece about nature and the elements too. Especially if they’re in an acrostic and nonet form like the one clever poet Sharron Green has written.

I’m glad this lovely piece passed Mrs Slagg’s strict standard as it gave me the chance to draw some waterfalls. This was a real challenge and one that I enjoyed every minute of, so bless you, Sharron and Mrs Slagg.

I think there’s a cup of tea with three sugars awaiting Ms Green when she goes to the Slagg’s Cafe. Now read on….


Wishes cascading joyfully down

Arcs of rainbows shimmer, reflect

Torrential potential but

Essence evaporates.

Risk of disaster.

For water is,

After all,



rhymes_n_roses 2021. Rhymes_n_roses.com

Wasn’t that stunning – and so profound. Cascading water is a stunning feature of nature, but deadly too. Mrs Slagg has obviously seen this very real point.

Even Dobby liked that one! It just shows you everyone has another side to them. Thank you so much, Sharron. Lovely piece. Keep them coming.

Mrs Slagg is holding auditions still, so feel free to apply with your poems.

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. More poetry antics real soon.

2 thoughts on “WATERFALL…….

  1. I’m so pleased that Mrs Slagg and Dobby connected with this – especially knowing neither of them is partial to a shower! I will try to compose another breautifall piece. Happy Women’s Day- is Mrs S celebrating?🌹

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