Unhappy Hour at the Slagg’s Cafe

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to the Slagg’s Cafe. Do join us for Unhappy Hour.

My predictions came true and Mrs Slagg has penned a few forms of poetry.

I think it’s best we start off with the (very) loose Kyrielle form what she has wrote. Do read on;

Slagg’s Kyrielle

The Slagg’s Cafe is open for tea

An invitation from Mr Slagg and Me

and eat as much pie as you can see.

Where is the bloody sugar?!

Come in and put down those bags

you have to drink tea and smoke fags

we have a selection of last year’s mags

Where is the bloody sugar?!

Our chairs are comfy, the table’s round.

Have some pie, it’ll cost you a pound.

Sugar put in the tea, I love the sound

Where is the bloody sugar?!

T Slagg 2021

Wasn’t that a belter?! Well done, Mrs Slagg. Nice piece. Watch out for her Ghazal – or maybe Bop poem next time.

Do send in one of these forms yourself. All poems welcome.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Come back real soon for more poetry antics……

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