Unhappy Hour at the Slagg’s Cafe

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome back to the Slagg’s Cafe. Do join us for Unhappy Hour. My predictions came true and Mrs Slagg has penned a few forms of poetry. I think it’s best we start off with the (very) loose Kyrielle form what she has wrote. Do read on; Slagg’s Kyrielle The Slagg’s Cafe isContinue reading “Unhappy Hour at the Slagg’s Cafe”

The Kyrielle Affair

Hello Poetry Lovers Well, I’ve jumped in at the deep end again and tried a new form of poetry. This is day one of the amazing Poetixu Structure Workshop, and already my eyes have opened up. They offer wonderful courses to poets all over the world on Instagram. Thank you, Sharron Green, for getting meContinue reading “The Kyrielle Affair”