Open Mic at the Slagg’s Cafe

Well, Poetry Lovers

Another notorious open mic session is underway at our favourite cafe.

Get yourselves here, and put your name down for Mrs Slagg’s acclaim – or more likely, verbal abuse. I wouldn’t miss that for the world, especially the latter. People queue up for that sort of thing in here.

I am deeply shocked that second wife, Octavia from the ‘big house’ has delivered this cheeky triolet piece. This lady of blue-blooded stock, former landed-gentry and Roedean educated? Not to mention a regular church attendee – mind you, they’re the worst.

I would actually call this a Toilet piece, but read on and see what you think.

I never wear knickers to breakfast

I never wear underwear 

Until boiled eggs have been served 

Everyone else is unaware

I never wear underwear

But they’ll never see any pubic hair

That would be undeserved. 

I never wear underwear

Until boiled eggs have been served 

Octavia Amanda Ann 2021

Well, it looks like Octavia’s husband has slumped in shock! Can someone help him get up again?!

Can you deliver a triolet form, PL’s? It doesn’t have to be smutty like the lady of the houses’. Do send them in or put your name down to read. Dobby’s taking bookings now…

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Sign up for Slagg’s Cafe open mic now……..!!!

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