Celine’s Salon Launch

Hello PL’s

I had the best time last night at Celine’s Salon Anthology Launch So proud to be a part of this wonderful collection

Held at El Camion/The Pink Chihuahua in Brewer Street in the heart of Soho, we went down to this groovy basement. I really felt a big part of old Soho, with its alcoves and cubby holes. The sensation of being in a secret underground full of exciting things.

The biggest joy was seeing my wonderful pals read and perform

Amongst others, talented and prolific poet, Barney Ashton Bullock read from his magical book ‘Bucolicism’ and the Lucy’s (Lyrical and Gaster) were in great form as they played together once again. So lovely to re-embrace these people after the cold hand of lockdown.

My readings and voice still need work but this lovely happening has set me on the right road…

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. Keep your hand on that dial for more poetry antics real soon….

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