Eye Rhymes

Hello Poetry Lovers

I’ve come across another interesting poetry form this week – Eye Rhymes.

Clever poet Tony Josolyne, a popular regular at Poetry Performance, has come up with some corkers!

Forgive me, Tony but I don’t possess a photo of you, so I’ve drawn a picture. An artist’s impression, I hope that’s okay – it’ll probably go for a fortune at Sotheby’s in the near future. Or turn up at the Tate, you never know!

Anyway, thank you so much, Tony for letting me share these to the world;

Eye Rhymes

Conjuring at the age of eight

His youthful hands were sleight.

Modern women who can sew

Are now becoming very few.

I fear this to be an omen

For the skills of future women.

Your savings will soon grow

From the sums that we endow.

Aren’t these wonderful? So simple and yet not. You’ve probably surmised for yourself but they have to be words spelt the same but would not rhyme such as slaughter and laughter.

Great fun but not as easy as you think. I’ve had a feeble attempt, read on;

Eye Rhymes 

I walked the lonely road to Slough

I couldn’t get there fast enough!

I watched as she put on the crown 

Wishing I could have one of my own.

I told my child until he was grown

That in the river you could drown.

I’m really not messing about when I say feeble, PL’s, but I enjoyed having a go. Would you like to have a go, if so, do send them in. Great poetry form. Thanks once again, Tony

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s We’ll be back real soon……..

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