Hello Poetry Lovers

I know this is a bit late in the day, but I thought I’d do a one minute poem for Halloween and share with you what I really think of it all.

Let me remind of you of the rules for a one minute piece; 60 syllables, three stanzas with the first line taking 8 syllables, it goes AABB.

Read on;


Halloween is such a crashing bore

So shut that door

This trick or treat

Is such dead meat 

I would chuck it all in the fire 

It is so dire

Ghouls don’t exist

Don’t take the piss

Gather up that stupid black cloak

Do not provoke

Too many sweets 

Are not a treat 

H Moulson 2021

Phew! Feel better after that.

Thanks for listening, PL’s.

We’ll be back real soon….

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