More Short forms….

Hello Poetry Lovers

Here I am, back on food. I can’t leave it alone!

I just wanted to feature some more fascinating short forms I learnt in Sharron Green’s class recently.

As you can see, I have written a monorhyme – each line with 8 syllables, and the last word has to rhyme. I had fun with this one;

 Food Monorhyme

Smoked salmon is good for the soul 

Not fast food that just fills a hole

But when I eat a sushi roll 

I dream of cake that makes me whole 

Healthy salads, they are my goal

After I’ve eaten this egg roll 

Wasn’t that fun? The Etheree that follows was even better. 10 syllables, then 9, then 8, etc and it can go either way. I built it up rather than diminished it. Do read on;

The Etheree


I said

You can’t have

My brand new phone 

And who would you call?  

No, not that awful girl 

You must never play with her

She flirts and goes out with boys

wait until you are a grown woman

meanwhile I will tell her to go to Hell 

Aren’t these forms fun, and interesting?!

I will have some more for you soon, PL’s. Meanwhile we will return shortly with even more food!!

Thank you to Sharron for her inspiration, and thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers

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