Breakfast Corner


Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, it looks like my food fixation is here to stay. I’ve even included a photo of me in an IKEA kitchen!

However I would have been inspired by Trisha Broomfield’s lovely piece anyway. Simply titled Trisha’s Breakfast, these succinct words show us what a complex meal breakfast is these days. Great fun, I love it. Do read on ;

Trisha’s Breakfast

Breakfast isn’t always easy

porridge doesn’t hit the spot

eggs make me feel rather queasy

I’m up by seven on the dot

Toast is dull and rather flat

fruit too fresh and wide awake

kippers I’d give to the cat

too much by half this time of day

Avocado is a current choice

despite the miles that they fly

a shame they do not have a voice

I could choose sausages to fry

Pumpkin seeds and almonds I could try

to go vegan and respect the world

or get out early, go and buy

buttered croissants neatly curled

but despite my fast since supper time

what I need first thing you see

a biscuit, I know it doesn’t rhyme,

and a mug of good strong tea.

Wasn’t that just lovely?! Bless you, Trisha, thank you so much. Please keep them coming.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, till the next time…

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