Grey Breakfast

Hello Poetry Lovers

Here we are once again on my favourite subject; Food. Inspired by Trisha Broomfield’s terrific breakfast poem last week, I just had to do one of my own. I didn’t mean it to end up like it did but I feel it’s worth a read anyway. See what you think;

Why is it that Sugar Puffs are so enticing ?

In adverts they explode out the pack – splat!

Over a laughing ladies’ pristine dining table 

When I tried that at home, I got shouted at!  

Mum is saving up her Embassy Coupons

To replace the old pan cooking my porridge

I really think she should get me a Sindy Doll 

Because my only friend’s moving to Norwich 

Doorstep toast emerges from under the grill 

And my bloody brother has nicked the jam

I’ll be alone in the midst of the playground

And no-one seems to give a damn 

I say goodbye to Lynn, shivering in her mac

Standing outside her former front door

A long lonely walk to school from now on

My mum simply asks what I’m crying for 

H. Moulson 2021

Well, I hope that wasn’t too grim, PL’s. Not that festive I know, but I was fascinated with the breakfast idea and how many emotions we carry with that vital meal.

More importantly, it gave me a chance to get out my crayons!

Thank you for tuning in, I’ll come up with something festive then (possibly)……

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