Seasons Greetings part II

Hello Poetry Lovers

Christmas draws nearer, and I have another seasonal treat to show you. This is by the lovely and clever poet, Sharron Green

I particularly liked this one because it emphasises the splendour of the season while bringing up relevant issues. I thought this was a very clever and engaging piece.

Thank you so much, Sharron, and congratulations on winning the University of Surrey’s Poetry competition. Do read on;

Christmas Countdown

Clusters of crystals glitter the rose buds

Tinsel the treetops in lullaby lanes

Snow flakes have drifted, sledging through soap suds 

Terrible torture to chubby chilblains

Down in the village, homes are bedecked now

Fairy lights garland each garden and roof

Santas on sleighs and Rudolphs project how

Each wants a visitor, this is their proof

Children have scribbled and drawn their desires

Hence all the Black Friday bargains to wrap

Chaos of gifts strewn beside roaring fires

Toxic news turns all plans made to crap

Seems that each day there’s diminishing cheer

Watching the list of do’s and don’ts grow

Twenty-one tapers, eyes turn to next year.

We’ll make the best of this Christmas though.

Rhymes_n_Roses 2021

Thank you again, Sharron and keep them coming please. Wasn’t that a wonderful piece?! It really reflected our current climate.

Stay tuned, PL’s for more seasonal antics real soon…

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