Bitter sweet Yuletide

Hello Poetry Lovers

I thought I’d get one more seasonal piece in before Christmas Day.

Inspired by Trisha and Sharron’s pieces, I thought I’d try and get the wonderful detail those talented poets do. I also thought I’d try this structure – what fun!

Anyway, read on;

Christmas always reminds me of ;

The coal fire

Burnt sausage rolls 

Mince pies 

The turkey in the oven at 7 am 

Carry on films

On the telly 

I got a wooden jigsaw puzzle one year


I hate them

Bore me stiff

I was too old for the big wooden pieces 

Loved it 


Christmas dinner was anti-climatic  

Dry turkey

Brussel sprouts 

Crackers loud 

Only the trifle was worth having 



A dark Boxing Day afternoon 

Holiday adverts

All presents  


Parents and brother hungover  

Why do 

We bother? 

H Moulson 2021

So, PL’s, what can I really say? Except a very Happy Christmas to everyone and thank you all for tuning in this past year.

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