Cat Zejel

Hello Poetry Lovers

We’re back to the wonderful Zejel form. Lovely poet Trisha Broomfield

(Here’s a glamorous picture of her ) has written a wonderful cat zejel. My two favourites rolled into one!

A fun and clever piece, Trisha. Thank you so much, keep them coming

do read on;

Cat Zejel

The cat is learning saxophone

I say we’ll leave him well alone

he thinks he will become well known

he’s tried his paw at writing tunes

he has a pal, an owl who croons

they aim their efforts at full moons

they share a certain lack of tone

he’s started acting like a star

and splashing out he’s bought a car

he is convinced he’ll travel far

at least the noise will stop, can’t moan

his wardrobe’s full of sequined suits,

a range of silver glitter boots

his pal the owl practices hoots

is that his agent on the phone?

Wasn’t that delightful?! A lovely touching piece, and it’s made me look at Dobby with suspicion! Although I haven’t seen an owl around lately. Thank you again, Trisha, terrific piece.

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s, we’ll be back with more zejel delights real soon…..

 © TB

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