The Tritina

Hello Poetry Lovers

So, the Poetry Detective comes up with yet another intriguing poetry form – the Tritina.

It’s a mini sestina and half the size. Three lines and three stanzas and a last line, as opposed to the hefty six stanzas of the Sestina. My heart sinks when a sestina is read out, they’re so weighty.

However, the little sister, Tritina is much more fun. I’ve written one about my Mother’s fridge. It’s given me the creeps somewhat, I suppose it reminded me of being in her kitchen just after she died (don’t go there!).

Do read on……..


Inside my mother’s fridge was beetroot

On a cracked and stained old plate

The door was buttermilked with age

The discoloured door showed its age

And the pungency of the beetroot

stained scarlet the once young plate

once a shiny and engraved plate

Before the brutality of beetroot

menacingly darkened it with age 

The beetroot on a plate that hankered for a certain age. 

H Moulson 2022

I hope you liked that one, PL’s. Now is that creepy, or is it just me? Who knows?! Anyway, do try a Tritina, there’s much more room to move in those rather than its big sister.

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back with more related antics soon…..

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