Zejel III

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to the wonderful Zejel poetry form. We now have another take on the Zejel by the talented poet, Sharron Green.

I love this, so natural and beautifully descriptive and sums up the things a poet goes through. Especially in the small hours. Thank you so much, Sharron. Great piece. Now read on;

Spanish Lullaby

At this hour silence rings
Peels of peace like ivy clings
Cloaked in fleecy angel’s wings

Time to put myself to bed
Rest my bones, reset my head
But I’m on my phone instead
Scrolling, tapping things

Need to drag myself away
But this poem has its way
Wants to be let out today
‘fore the first bird sings

So this is my first zejel
It’s not great but what the hell
They’re informal – can you tell?
How my tiredness stings.

@rhymes _n_roses

Wasn’t that just terrific, such a lovely and honest piece about the poetry journey we go through. Well, it certainly paid off, Sharron. Well done.

Thank you so much for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry capers real soon……

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