Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, your poetry detective has come up trumps once again. I’ve discovered the Didactic Poem.

I also thought what a hoot it would be if I wrote one about the archetypes in the Tarot card pack. Until I discovered there were 78 of them!

So, I’ve written about 7 – putting in an archetype of my own – in a didactic form. I really love this form, it gives the poet so much freedom. Anyway do read on; 


Kiss as many boys as you can

Even when they’ve got bum fluff

And burp the word Bollocks   


Smoke as much as you can 

Especially someone else’s fags

Take a puff at every opportunity 


Get off with every single boy in sight

And tell them you love them  

they’ll pay for you to get in the cinema 


Nick everything that you can

Fags, drink and certainly lipstick

Stealing makes you big and clever 


Swear as much as possible 

Tell as many crude jokes as you can  

Make the air go completely blue 


Go to every disco you can find 

Do every Funky Chicken routine

Even though you’ll be doing it alone 


Always blame someone else 

Then run off to the wings 

And snigger quietly 

H Moulson 2022

Wasn’t that a hoot?! Try one yourself and send it in…

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon…..

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