Beauty Spot…

Hello Poetry Lovers

Well, today I’ve killed two birds with one stone (I must think of a better expression!).

Not only have I revelled in my favourite subject of beauty, but I’ve also written my first duplex poem. I expect that phone to start ringing any moment.

So, welcome to the Beauty Spot where we kick off with lovely poet Trisha Broomfield’s poignant and wistful piece, followed by my duplex. Trisha’s tells us so much more, so we’ll start with her beautiful lament;

I greet the day

make up the face I used to be

searching for a younger me

I brush my greying hair,

eyes that have seen more

than they should

stare back.

I dress in the clothes I used to wear

search for my younger body

it’s no longer there.

Trisha Broomfield 2022

Wasn’t that just beautiful?! A lot of us can identify with that, that youth that we all took for granted. Super piece, Trisha, thank you so much. Now fasten your seatbelts, this is my attempt at a beauty duplex;

My red lipstick has creased 

My Revlon panstick deceased 

Why has my mascara deceased?

And my runny lip pot overflows! 

And I swear I’ve only had a few go’s

On my dwindling Madeleine Mono’s

Overrated, I find them monotonous  

And much too thin to the touch 

Love Mary Quant’s silky touch

Her Lipsticks are velvet as such

velvet sheen and unique gloss

Brush my lips like candy floss

Why have mine all ceased ?

My red lipstick has creased 

Heather Moulson 2022

Thank you so much for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more delights real soon……

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