Belated Women’s Day

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now this is a bit belated but I’ve penned a poem for International Women’s Day last Tuesday. Angrier than I thought it would be, I stuck with it anyway

Especially as this is a frustration a lot of us have to bear. Anyway read on;

Woman’s work….

Washing load done by half past ten

Only to watch it pile up again 

filthy tea towels in the machine

I need to recycle my magazines 

Who tell me what I could achieve

Why do they all sound so naïve?!

The floor cleaned yesterday now dirty 

And they all wonder why I get shirty 

Speaking of shirts, there’s ironing to be done 

And clothes stained relentlessly by my Son

I’ll clean the stinky fridge out very soon, 

Wondering when I can sit in the living room 

I remind myself to change the sheets 

I think I’ll go out and get some sweets

And 20 Rothmans and alcoholic drink 

That’s the list for today, I think. 

H Moulson 2022

Now, how many of us feel like this? Hands up! Oh yes, lots of hands raised there

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon…….

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