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Welcome back to another Poetry Basket review, and today we have an absolute belter, Douglas Graham Wilson’s new collection Of Love and Other Maladies. A wonderful poet and friend, Douglas takes us on a real journey of emotion and human situations, and I’m proud to present a hot and well deserved review ;

Of Love and Other Maladies

Douglas Graham Wilson 

I was thrilled to receive the first poetry collection from that vibrant poet Douglas Graham Wilson.   Succinctly titled Of Love and Other Maladies, it is sleekly presented and designed by the relatively new Wordville Press. 

I’ve had the privilege of seeing this skilled poet from Cape Town read his absorbing and intricate pieces live.  I also recall he was the first person I spoke to at Soho Poets, such memories!   

We open with the very visual Lucien in Alabaster, essentially a sensuous title for a sensuous piece. Followed by A Teaspoon of Honey which eclipses the weight of sensuality.  The Field, one of the longer pieces in this book, cleverly combines emotion and a description of the elements.  The cleverly inconsistent structuring truly works and jumps out at the reader.  While Undertow reveals a common human situation told with tense pacing. 

I adored the wistful nostalgia of A Walk through Regent’s Park, because despite a real presence, the reader knew something had gone. This is welcomed by the spirituality of A Deep Blue Truth. Another longer piece Ethan, is a razor sharp insight into a relationship or potentially the end of one, which flows while being uncomfortably authentic. The poet gives us a clear window into these painful situations. I loved the concluding two profound lines that spoke volumes;

it began to rain,  

as you left 

The Realisation carries rocky intimacy and the power balance from a relationship. 

The pain is conveyed vividly, and well written. Human longing and the pain of separation follows us in Love at Long Distance. Wilson has a beautiful use of language and details our basic human longings. 

So, we come to a fitting climax with A Shattered Heart. A powerful title for a powerful piece. Yearning, wanting, longing. Such a strong piece to leave us with. This flowing free verse works for the poet, and we are happy to absorb it.

Beautiful classy book of poems. Highly recommended.  I hope we don’t wait too long for the next one….

To get a copy of this wonderful book, please click below ;

https://www.wordville.net/product-page/of-love-and-other-maladies or https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Other-Maladies-collection-Douglas/dp/1838403647/ref=sr_1_1?crid=Z5JTP65GXVF7&keywords=douglas+graham+wilson&qid=1647268933&sprefix=douglas+graham+wilson%2Caps%2C60&sr=8-1

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. Watch this space for an interview with Douglas Graham Wilson real soon……

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