Letter to my Daughter

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today, I would love to share this moving and poignant piece from the wonderful poet, Trisha Broomfield who I had the pleasure of meeting up with last week at the Cranleigh Arts Centre. Not only did we have a lovely slab of orange polenta cake but so many memories of reading poetry there returned to us.

Titled A Letter to my Daughter, I found it stirring and profound. It put me in mind of Dorothy Parker too, and the details of how a young girl has to live. Do have a read, and tell me how much you learnt these things in life the hard way! I know I did!

Letter to my Daughter

Don’t wear white to eat

beetroot or bolognaise,

drink coffee wearing black,

sip slowly,

wear lipstick to win an argument

glasses to return expensive items

to a shop.

Carry a bottle opener in your bag,

in case you meet

a lonely Aussie.

Keep accounts,

a diary,

your receipts,

your sense of humour,

pack a smile, use often,

it baffles those who have no smiles of their own.

Learn how to swear in different languages,

how to do a handstand,

how to sew and cook,

find a partner with these skills.

Learn to change a bulb,

a wheel,

your mind,

do not be defined

by those around you

you are your own person

and being alone is actually being

all one.

Learn to be unafraid

do not say ‘I don’t mind’,

you have mind,

exercise your right to use it, lose it

and change it often, (see line 23).

Fill your heart with love,

you will never have to search 

others for it.

Buy the best you can afford,

flowers, food 

clothes and carpets,

give freely to those who cannot afford

the same,

remember your name

and give it a clear voice,

it may have been my choice

but it is



13/06/2018Trisha Broomfield 

Isn’t that a stunning piece?! Thank you so much, Trisha. Lovely poem, especially with all the life details in it. Please keep them coming…

Thank you so much for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon from inside the studio – yes! There’ll be an interview! Book your tickets or get queuing now!!!

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