My Favourite Things

Hello Poetry Lovers

I thought I’d write about my favourite subject this week – Me. Or rather the things I like.

The wonderful poet Miriam Otto gave this great prompt to list the things we love. This is what I came up with —

Ten of my Favourite Things

Coffee – the first sip of the morning

Wine – the first sip of the evening

My black cat and her velvet paws

Sketching – everybody and everything

Writing poetry in my scruffy Columbo notebook 

My friends – I cherish them all 

Plays and theatres – I can dress up

Photographs – Instagram has been a lifeline

My adult children – I forgive them for ditching the toys! 

My dollshouses – I’ve learnt so much about interior design

Gratitudes – see above 

Heather Moulson 2022

Wasn’t that a great prompt?! Do look out for Miriam and her new collection Wildfire and Magic out now. Miriam is on Instagram as @miriamo77

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s We’ll be back with a cool interview very soon….

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