Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to the talk show studio

(rapturous applause – host silences them with a stern look)

Today’s special guest is the wonderful poet and real talent, Sharon Andrews.

(Pandemonium- Security stir uneasily)

Now settle down, everyone. We want a nice dignified round of applause now for Sharon Andrews…!!

(Sharon wafts gracefully down the lighted staircase to loud clapping and joy from the audience)

Sharon, welcome to the show and thank you for being our guest tonight.

The pleasure’s all mine, Heather. Thank you for inviting me

I adore your thick false eyelashes. Very Dusty Springfield! Goes great with your leather mini skirt.

Ah thank you. Picked it up in Chelsea Girl this afternoon. I think I’ve got stuck to your seat though…

Well, only a cool lady like yourself can pull that one off – and er – lets hope you do. (Huge applause and agreement from the audience)

Now, settle down everyone while we concentrate on our guest.

So Sharon, I swooned over you on Instagram, fill us in a bit on your background.

I live in West Sussex with husband, Paul and our pup Einstein. Between us, we have three children who have all flown the nest.

I work in administration for my local fire service.

Einstein looks such a cute dog. I think Dobby is jealous!

When did poetry become a part of your life?

Poetry has been part of my life since childhood. I started reading at a young age and my first poetry was When we were young and Now we are six by AA Milne.

I started writing in primary school but became more passionate a writer during my moody teen years.

Beautiful books to grow up on. Only the best. Those teen years were long, weren’t they.

Who or what have been your biggest influences?

Music has always been a big influence. I adore the lyrics of artists like Justin Currie and Passenger.

Oh, fantastic choices there. A lot better than mine.

Tell us what you are working on next….

I am slowly starting to write a novel. It’s a modern tale about relationships and pets. It’s probably going to take a long time as my writing time is limited.

Fabulous, we’ll look forward to that (audience cheer in full agreement)

That is a fascinating subject. My cat is a big part of my life so that must be very absorbing to go into. Please keep us updated.

Now (audience gasp) for the ultimate question; What was the best gig you’ve ever done – and the worst ?

I’ll do the worst one first, which was an open mic I attended at my local library. Nobody told me you had to register so having plucked up the courage, I never got to perform.

The best ones I do are on Instagram Live with my poetry friends across the globe.

Yes, they are indeed very good, and really worth tuning into. You read beautiful poetry on there.

Give it a try everyone – inksomnia_poetry on Instagram. Highly recommended.

Tell us what you’re doing later tonight, disco? nightclub? Somewhere groovy, I expect.

Erm – actually, Heather, I’m going to try and get out of this very clingy leather skirt. And one of my false eyelashes is coming loose, so I think it’s home for me…

Well, thank you for coming on the show, Sharon. It’s been a delight

(hearty applause from the audience that turns into a standing ovation)

(Our guest climbs awkwardly back up the lighted stairs)

Wasn’t Sharon an absolute joy?! Do seek out this talented poet, you really won’t be disappointed.

The book below is Sharon’s latest collection, full of wonderful and clever haiku, do treat yourselves. Available from this link;

A soul full of haiku

Thanks for coming to the talk show studio, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry adventures soon…..

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