That’s Poetry…

Hello Poetry Lovers

Recently there was a mini-competition on Instagram on the theme of “That’s Poetry”. Now, I see poetry in many things as I’m sure you do. It goes beyond the written word and structure and rhymes and that stressed thing, It can also be a very visual medium.

However, the competition organisers did not think so as I didn’t come anywhere. Although in fairness, another competitor could have simply put this over better than me. Anyway, this is my interpretation;

That’s Poetry

Anticipation on Christmas Eve

A child’s face lights up 

Mother’s  affection

A stranger’s Random kindness 


A cat’s purr

A hot meal cooked with love 

Favourite song on the radio 

Someone smiles 

Weak sunlight after a lonely winter

Closing the door on a long day 

Someone pleased to see you 

A good cup of coffee 

Water after a long thirst 

Surely that’s poetry? 

Heather Moulson 2022

Now, PL’s, I’m sure you can send me a lovely interpretation of what poetry is. Answers on a postcard please……..

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry goings-on real soon……

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