That’s Poetry II

Hello Poetry Lovers

I can’t believe my luck, talented poet Trisha Broomfield has come up with my favourite subject to define what poetry is to her. Yes, her cat, Perry!

Such rich sketching ground and a very beautiful piece. I couldn’t resist adding cats of many colours too. Drawings aside, it is a very moving poem about someone who is a big part of us.

Do read on;

That’s Poetry

Your sinews when you stretch,

the leap, effortless, sleek

black satin, shiny, chic.

Your sound, merely a squeak,

you turn the other cheek.

All muscle your physique

a cat, you don’t do meek.

I admire your technique,

with claws your mark you etch.

Your profile is Bastet,

each prey you stalk you get

a kill to you, no sweat,

to songbirds you’re a threat.

You’re someone else’s pet,

yet me you don’t forget

though vanish at sunset.

You’re black as a Plantagenet

I long your grace to sketch.

© TB 2022

Wasn’t that a stunning piece?! And so personal and moving. Thank you so much, Trisha. A terrific way to show what poetry means to someone.

And I know You could also do a wonderful interpretation of what this enigmatic medium means to you, PL’s. I look forward to those postcards….

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon……..

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