Alphabet Poem

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today I would like to share an abecedarian poem with you. Inspired by the wonderful poet Sue Burge’s Mind Gym, this alphabet form has very rich pickings for any subject. Mine for instance, is about knickers! Now 26 lines may seem a tall order, but once you get into it….well, see for yourself ;

Knickers …..

A huge wet mess left there on the 

Bathroom floor, tiles scattered with

Chamomile talc, red bath gel and

Discarded underwear, the Lacy

Edges still there, formerly white 

Frills that were so pretty, now

Going to seed and worn right through,

Holes in abundance, you need to get 

It together and go up Marks & Spencer 

Just to get some more plain cotton

Knickers that would be comfortable plus

Lipstick, eyeliner, powder and mascara

Max factor is always good, you’ll rid the 

Notion that you don’t fit in. Is it 

Only me who can see your beauty and  full 

Potential?  How you could easily become 

Queen of this town, and how you could

Rightly hold your head up high and 

Stare at people in the eye, not look away. 

Things are waiting beyond that dark

Underpass you constantly hide behind, 

Violently and relentlessly resisting and 

Willing to put over yet another

Xerox of your self in very faded ink.  

You know better than that, so jump in my 

Zephyr car and get some decent knickers!! 

Wasn’t that just a fascinating form of poetry, PL’s?! Get writing now and send your alphabet poems on a postcard to the usual address.

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll be back with more poetry action real soon….

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