Nostalgia Corner..

Hello Poetry Lovers

Once again I have become nostalgic and have turned my attention this time to Talcum Powder.

Not that boring Johnson’s one for babies in Superdrug, but the Christmas present staple we used to receive by relatives and family friends. Scorned publicly but privately treasured, especially in their beautifully decorated tins.

Anyway I’ve written down my thoughts, do read on;

Talcum Powder

Where have you been, talcum powder?

I miss your lingering tang on other people’s bodies 

Not to mention your caress under my armpits 

And other enticing places. 

Your very white softness flouring up my pasty skin,

the fine powder reaching the back of my throat 

How come I can only find you in obscure chemists? 

When you were once a Christmas present staple?

A tight smile as the wrapping was stripped away

On a par with socks for Dad, and Eat Me dates 

Unwelcome but compulsory at Yuletide 

It was your tin I loved the best – especially a 

Lavender one. 

Reassuring on the shelf, next to Dad’s razor 

And Old Spice that was never used.  

I hope you identified with that one, PL’s. Old Spice was in abundance in our house but I don’t recall it ever being actually used. Talc found it’s use, and the white speckled bathroom floor was a common sight.

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. Now you can’t tell me you’re not wistful for something like this – certainly bath cubes or many other obscure items. I want those answers on a postcard…..

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia Corner..

  1. I regularly use Old Spice, thus showing my age I suppose. I wonder what has happened to sealing wax, chocolate spread (WITHOUT hazelnuts!) and shaving cream.

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