Trimeric Hour

Hello Poetry Lovers

On the trail for a new poetry form once again. This time I’ve hunted down the Trimeric. A superb and fun form. Along with keywords from Sue Burge’s mindgym (highly recommended), I used the words vacant, vacancy and void.

I’ve written a pretty vacant(!) poem here. Do read on

Trimeric Form 

There is a void in this vacancy

In fact it all looks pretty vacant

According to the Sex Pistols 

Back in that barren summer

In fact it all looks pretty vacant

Unused and unloved, unwanted 

This space tells me nothing 

According to the Sex Pistols

There’s no future for us 

However, that was in 1977


Back in that barren summer 

We wilted and believed them  

Those punks knew everything 

Thanks for reading, PL’s. Now I know there’s a Trimeric in all of you, and I want them on a postcard now please.

We’ll be back real soon….

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