Hello Poetry Lovers

It’s pretty inevitable I’m going to talk about my favourite subject – Cats.

When I was a child, the world seemed full of Eleanor Farjeon’s poems. Her beautifully illustrated collections were everywhere, and her pieces used to be a real favourite at school as many of her poems were read to us. The following one naturally stood out.

A prolific writer of poetry and children stories, among others, Eleanor Farjeon left behind a wonderful legacy when she passed away in 1965. Now read on…


Cats sleep, anywhere,

Any table, any chair

Top of piano, window-ledge,

In the middle, on the edge,

Open drawer, empty shoe,

Anybody’s lap will do,

Fitted in a cardboard box,

In the cupboard, with your frocks-

Anywhere! They don’t care!

Cats sleep anywhere.

Eleanor Farjeon (1881 – 1965)

Wasn’t that just lovely? I’m sure a lot of you PL’s will have a favourite Eleanor Farjeon poem. Answers on a postcard please…..

Thanks so much for tuning in, we’ll be back with more poetry capers real soon…..

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