Cat Sonnet

Hello Poetry Lovers

I make no apologies for staying on my favourite subject Cats! So fittingly, the lovely prolific poet Sharon Andrews has penned this beautiful cat sonnet.

Featuring a wonderful alphabet series, this is Sharon using the C word as a sonnet. And using it very wisely. Excellent subject, Sharon, and thank you for letting me put this lovely piece up in lights.

Cat Sonnet

The cat is such a curious creature

Sometimes aloof, sometimes affectionate

Sometimes a queen, most often a leader

Cat’s owner a slave to her temperament

If cat loves you She might bring you a gift

Something Special to decorate the house

Puss will be offended should you feel miffed

By the sight of a dead bird or squashed mouse

Cat will eat her meals when she’s in the mood

Some days she will eye her dinner with disdain

You’ll worry and treat her to gourmet food

Calling her to come in from the rain

You’ll love her and maybe she’ll love you too

It’s simply chance, there’s nothing you can do

ShAndrews 2023

Wasn’t that beautiful?! Look out for Sharon’s Instagram feed @inksomnia_poetry where this clever poet features amazing sonnets and other skilled pieces. Thank you so much, Sharon, keep them coming.

Thanks so much for tuning in, PL’s. And I want to see your cat poems. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…..

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