A Golden Shovel

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now you know how I love to try new poetry forms.

When I came across The Golden Shovel, I was mightily confused by the term, but I came across this version/form.

Getting a quote from another’s poem with at least 10 words, and moving the relevant word in every following line sounded easy but I found it a struggle. Hopefully it paid off.

Many many thanks to Annie Havell who kindly gave permission for me to use a line from her lovely piece Silence from the recent anthology Poems for the Ukraine.

I’m not quite sure how Dobby got in on the act but she appears to feature here. Do read on….

I awake before sunrise and feeling an urge to walk

Silence by Annie Havell 2022 

can’t believe I’m up early again! 

To awake in that grim half light 

Nearly up before the milkman 

I don’t welcome sunrise, too cheerful

I’ve got an interview and a meeting 

I do get the sinking feeling I’ll be sleepy 

I’ll eat some apples and have an orange for energy 

I will not get an sudden unnecessary urge to doze

The most tempting and easy way out is to sleep

I resolve that I will go healthy route and walk

Wasn’t that just a terrific piece?! An intriguing form and worth trying.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…. Whoops! Here’s Dobby with an invoice for her services….

4 thoughts on “A Golden Shovel

  1. What a lovely idea Heather, and many thanks for using a line from one of my poems. I feel quite flattered. Great photos, and fun to see that Dobby has managed to get herself back into the act.

    Liked by 1 person

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