More Short forms….

Hello Poetry Lovers

Here I am, back on food. I can’t leave it alone!

I just wanted to feature some more fascinating short forms I learnt in Sharron Green’s class recently.

As you can see, I have written a monorhyme – each line with 8 syllables, and the last word has to rhyme. I had fun with this one;

 Food Monorhyme

Smoked salmon is good for the soul 

Not fast food that just fills a hole

But when I eat a sushi roll 

I dream of cake that makes me whole 

Healthy salads, they are my goal

After I’ve eaten this egg roll 

Wasn’t that fun? The Etheree that follows was even better. 10 syllables, then 9, then 8, etc and it can go either way. I built it up rather than diminished it. Do read on;

The Etheree


I said

You can’t have

My brand new phone 

And who would you call?  

No, not that awful girl 

You must never play with her

She flirts and goes out with boys

wait until you are a grown woman

meanwhile I will tell her to go to Hell 

Aren’t these forms fun, and interesting?!

I will have some more for you soon, PL’s. Meanwhile we will return shortly with even more food!!

Thank you to Sharron for her inspiration, and thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers

The Strambotto

Hello Poetry Lovers

I thought I’d keep to the food theme this week, though this one isn’t as seasonal as the lovely Trisha’s in the last post.

I recently took a course with the very talented and prolific Sharron Green on Short Forms in poetry, and thanks to her, I discovered the wonderful Strambotto – 8 lines, 11 syllables apiece, and it’s abababab.

This was not an easy one to do, but I struggled on. Do read the result….


I prepare for you a pasta spaghetti 

Then I kneaded a delicious pizza pie 

I would bring you only loved food for your belly 

But your appetite is gone, you pass me by  

I have prepared desserts with cream and jelly 

 And your hand absently strokes my thigh 

Today I serve you garlic that is smelly 

But tempted to serve poison so that you die 

H Moulson 2021

Now please forgive the grim ending, PL’s, and I hope to God you’re not about to have your supper/breakfast/lunch/tea. But by that time, I was worn down by those 11 rhyming syllables and I could only think in a malevolent way.

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers, we’ll be back real soon……..

A Seasonal Quatcube

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we feature a very seasonal quatcube by the lovely poet, Trisha Broomfield.

I couldn’t resist featuring it on here, what with stir-up Sunday and everything…. I’m still struggling with my own piece, and the talented Trisha and Sharron Green put me to shame.

Thank you so much for this superb piece, Trisha. It features all the warmth of a seasonal preparation that makes one really feel like Christmas is truly coming…

Do read on ;

Our Christmas cake
Butter and spice 
Unwaxed lemon

Gluten free flour
Barbara’s eggs
Yolks like sunshine 
From friendly hens

Raisins currants 
Sultanas too
Prunes to help you
Go to the loo

Glacé cherries 
And candied peel
Must not forget
Slosh in brandy!

Wasn’t that so tenderly detailed, PL’s. Such an atmosphere about that piece. Well done, Trisha. Please keep them coming .

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon….

Quat Cubes

Hello Poetry Lovers

As you may have surmised, I have now graduated from tricubes to quatcubes, once again inspired by the lovely poet Sharron Green.

The same format; only this time with 4 lines, and 4 syllables each line. Would you believe (yes, maybe you would) but I actually got stuck on the 4 lines I was composing!

So, this week, the lovely poet Trisha Broomfield has to perform alone. I won’t be joining her – yet. However, Trisha has written such a terrific quat cube set, it seemed fitting to go solo.

Wonderful piece, Trisha. Thank you so much. This will evoke so many memories for a lot of us. Hint of a Tint – how that product was a part of our lives once, and there’s more….

Do read on;

A Quatro Thing

Hint of a tint
Was Inecto
Copper or bronze
Shocking red shades

I tried chestnut
And golden brown
Just once Ash blonde
Though it looked grey

Shampoo was mauve
It dyed my skin
A purple blue
Wore a head scarf

Carmen rollers
Bent metal pins
Lent a smart look
But not for long!

Trisha Broomfield 2021

Wasn’t that just terrific?! The things we went through for that hallowed hair! Tune in soon for part II! Fantastic, Trisha, keep them coming

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon……


Hello Poetry Lovers

Today, I’d like to look at Tricubes, inspired by the work of the wonderful and prolific poet Sharron Green

Tricubes, you may guess by the name, are 3 lines with 3 syllables each line. Here is my attempt.

Read on;

I have pink


on my skin

And freckles


by my chin

My hair stays


with my brush

I do it


in a rush

Aren’t they terrific fun? Limiting and yet not. I’ll tackle Quatcubes shortly – needless to say, 4 lines with 4 syllables each.

Watch this space ……

Triolet Hour

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome back to one of my favourite art forms, the triolet poem.

Now, the first is by an up-and-coming poet who has not kept to the rules, in fact she has downright cheated and laughed in their faces. She claims the last line simply works better like that, and who are we to tell her what to do, we’re not the boss of her etc etc…

Now the second triolet is beautifully done by an even more up-and-coming poet Trisha Broomfield, who had the good grace to stick to the rules

Read on;

Auntie Florrie 

Auntie Florrie, you would eff and blind 

And you only watched ITV

Under heavy make-up, you were lined 

Auntie Florrie, you would eff and blind 

People had to take you as they find 

Never watching that snotty BBC 

Auntie Florrie, you would eff and blind 

You were so beautiful to me 

Now for Trisha’s classier one;

Chair Triolet

I sit in my writing chair and swivel

I thought that it would help me write, this chair

but I’m turning out a load of drivel

I sit in my writing chair and swivel

my mood is really quite uncivil

I think up plots and flick my hair

I sit in my writing chair and swivel

I thought that it would help me write, this chair.

03/11/2021Trisha Broomfield

Wasn’t that just great?! Triolets are really such fun and I dare you to send one in. Trisha’s penned some more corkers and has kindly given me permission to show them in part II

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. More poetry capers soon….

One Minute …

Hello Poetry Lovers

We’re on my favourite theme of the one minute poem, and lovely poet Trisha Broomfield has penned a very seasonal and relevant one indeed.

Thank you so much for this, Trisha.

This lovely poetry form can be quite addictive, and fun. Let me remind you again of the rules; 60 syllables, 3 stanzas and the first line has to have 8 syllables. Then it’s AABB

Halloween and the clocks go back,

Evenings are black
Snuggle each night
Turn on the light

Let’s eat baked spuds and pumpkin pie,
Prepare the Guy 
It’s fireworks soon
Up to the moon

Best sausages and hot baked spuds, 
Snowdrops are buds 
Daffodils too
Hiding in dew

Before too long the sound of spring
First, Carol sing
Release the old
Safe from the cold.

Wasn’t that beautiful?! Thank you so much, Trisha. Wonderful words, and I want to see more.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back with more poetry japes real soon…


Hello Poetry Lovers

I know this is a bit late in the day, but I thought I’d do a one minute poem for Halloween and share with you what I really think of it all.

Let me remind of you of the rules for a one minute piece; 60 syllables, three stanzas with the first line taking 8 syllables, it goes AABB.

Read on;


Halloween is such a crashing bore

So shut that door

This trick or treat

Is such dead meat 

I would chuck it all in the fire 

It is so dire

Ghouls don’t exist

Don’t take the piss

Gather up that stupid black cloak

Do not provoke

Too many sweets 

Are not a treat 

H Moulson 2021

Phew! Feel better after that.

Thanks for listening, PL’s.

We’ll be back real soon….

Eye Rhymes

Hello Poetry Lovers

I’ve come across another interesting poetry form this week – Eye Rhymes.

Clever poet Tony Josolyne, a popular regular at Poetry Performance, has come up with some corkers!

Forgive me, Tony but I don’t possess a photo of you, so I’ve drawn a picture. An artist’s impression, I hope that’s okay – it’ll probably go for a fortune at Sotheby’s in the near future. Or turn up at the Tate, you never know!

Anyway, thank you so much, Tony for letting me share these to the world;

Eye Rhymes

Conjuring at the age of eight

His youthful hands were sleight.

Modern women who can sew

Are now becoming very few.

I fear this to be an omen

For the skills of future women.

Your savings will soon grow

From the sums that we endow.

Aren’t these wonderful? So simple and yet not. You’ve probably surmised for yourself but they have to be words spelt the same but would not rhyme such as slaughter and laughter.

Great fun but not as easy as you think. I’ve had a feeble attempt, read on;

Eye Rhymes 

I walked the lonely road to Slough

I couldn’t get there fast enough!

I watched as she put on the crown 

Wishing I could have one of my own.

I told my child until he was grown

That in the river you could drown.

I’m really not messing about when I say feeble, PL’s, but I enjoyed having a go. Would you like to have a go, if so, do send them in. Great poetry form. Thanks once again, Tony

Thank you for tuning in, PL’s We’ll be back real soon……..

Celine’s Salon Launch

Hello PL’s

I had the best time last night at Celine’s Salon Anthology Launch So proud to be a part of this wonderful collection

Held at El Camion/The Pink Chihuahua in Brewer Street in the heart of Soho, we went down to this groovy basement. I really felt a big part of old Soho, with its alcoves and cubby holes. The sensation of being in a secret underground full of exciting things.

The biggest joy was seeing my wonderful pals read and perform

Amongst others, talented and prolific poet, Barney Ashton Bullock read from his magical book ‘Bucolicism’ and the Lucy’s (Lyrical and Gaster) were in great form as they played together once again. So lovely to re-embrace these people after the cold hand of lockdown.

My readings and voice still need work but this lovely happening has set me on the right road…

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. Keep your hand on that dial for more poetry antics real soon….

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