Dobby Claws her Way Into Haiku

HELLO, POETRY LOVERS. WHAT’S THAT, DOBBY? YOU’VE DONE SOME HAIKU? AND ILLUSTRRATED IT? FABULOUS! SHALL WE TAKE A LOOK?! A GREAT EFFORT, DOBBY. READ ON AND ENJOY……. Embraced by the dawn I wake up to the new day cat jumps on the bed A windy wash day underwear pegged and drying bird craps on theContinue reading “Dobby Claws her Way Into Haiku”


Welcome to the Show, everyone. (rapturous applause). I am thrilled to have the talented, enigmatic Barney Ashton-Bullock as our poetry guest this week. (audience get to their feet and applaud). Okay, now calm down everyone, let Barney take the weight of his feet. Welcome to the show, Barney. May I say I love those orangeContinue reading “Interview!!”

Come In…..

Hello, Poetry Lovers everywhere. Once again, we have a stunning offering from the web’s Poet Laureate Mary Carr. Mary has been through some turbulent times, but still her work with the homeless has been bottomless. Good on you, Mary. Come In Come on in take the weight off your feet may the light shine throughContinue reading “Come In…..”

Acrostic Corner..

This week, I discovered acrostic poetry. Quelle fun! Now, this is my first attempt, so er- be gentle….. Dobby Darling, come in from the rain             you lovely ball of fur One look at me with your penetrating             green eyes and I’m Bowled over, just putty in your             velvet paws But if youContinue reading “Acrostic Corner..”

Something in the Basket!

Good morning, Poetry lovers. No sign of Dobby, but there is something wonderful in the Poetry Basket! Yes! The wonderful Susan Evan’s debut collection Shift Happens will be reviewed over on our Poetry Basket Page. To bag(!) a signed author copy, follow this link You can follow Susan Evan’s work on Facebook and InstagramContinue reading “Something in the Basket!”

Watch This Space…..

Dobby!!! What are you doing there?! Where’s the poetry basket? What’s that, Dobby? A new and exciting collection is about to go in it? Very soon? And meanwhile, here’s a comic strip? Yes, we have another review coming soon, so watch this space and no flipping! Meanwhile….. Is there a moral in this tale? TheContinue reading “Watch This Space…..”