Something in the Basket!

Good morning, Poetry lovers. No sign of Dobby, but there is something wonderful in the Poetry Basket! Yes! The wonderful Susan Evan’s debut collection Shift Happens will be reviewed over on our Poetry Basket Page. To bag(!) a signed author copy, follow this link You can follow Susan Evan’s work on Facebook and InstagramContinue reading “Something in the Basket!”

Watch This Space…..

Dobby!!! What are you doing there?! Where’s the poetry basket? What’s that, Dobby? A new and exciting collection is about to go in it? Very soon? And meanwhile, here’s a comic strip? Yes, we have another review coming soon, so watch this space and no flipping! Meanwhile….. Is there a moral in this tale? TheContinue reading “Watch This Space…..”

The Poetry Window

Hello. Today we’re looking through the Poetry Window. Dobby and I wonder if we can see any poetry out there…… Dobby reckons not, but by sheer coincidence, I happen to have a poem called Windows! How uncanny is that ?! Read on – WINDOWS Why are everyone else’s windows so warm and enticing?  Comfortable andContinue reading “The Poetry Window”