The Amanda Ann Family show episode Nine

Paul was appalled at Marjorie’s behaviour, and he and Krista were leaving the family home: Like most of these things, it was all quite civilised.  “Well, goodbye, Paul.” said Marjorie, “And thank you for such a shit marriage!  And you’d better take that scrubber, Costa or Starbucks, whatever her name is, with you.” “Ha ha!”,Continue reading “The Amanda Ann Family show episode Nine”

The Amanda Ann Family show Episode Eight

Life had not been too good to Hamish, since he’d been booted out of Vicar college  He took to dossing outside the Amanda Ann family home – where he’d once been so wanted  On the side, Mrs Slagg and Mary slipped him a cake or two Marjorie saw them, but said nothing Then one day,Continue reading “The Amanda Ann Family show Episode Eight”

The Amanda Ann Family Show Episode Seven Marjorie is taking comfort from Mrs Slagg in the kitchen. “It’s one of them mid-life crises, Ma’am.  He’ll get over it!  Charlie gets loads of ’em, don’t you, Charlie?”She gestured to her boyfriend standing before her (Paul’s true father).“Why, if Charlie went off with another gal, you’d soon change your mind, wouldn’t you, Charlie?”Continue reading “The Amanda Ann Family Show Episode Seven”

The Amanda Ann Family Episode Six

As Lord Posh had been so unsupportive lately, Paul confided in his agent about his turmoil:  The Agent, who had come to talk about a possible TV show, was delighted about this:   “That’s great, m’boy!  All good material!” (Paul wondered why he’d bothered!)    “By the way, this is my new assistant, Krista.  LovelyContinue reading “The Amanda Ann Family Episode Six”

Life with the Amanda Ann Family Part Five

Marjorie had finally got her new dressing table.  The French model she had hankered for.  And yet it seemed a hollow victory  now Paul had left her. Oh, he hadn’t physically gone, but the night he had met that Swedish mare, Marjorie knew she had lost him.   Marjorie started to clean up her act.  NoContinue reading “Life with the Amanda Ann Family Part Five”

Life with the Amanda Ann Family part Four

This morning I woke up next to my wife, as it should be, but I know it didn’t start out that way… Why is this damned house so full of people?  Mary and Lord Posh are sleeping on our living room floor, spent from a night of violent love-making Leaving Mrs Slagg to take overContinue reading “Life with the Amanda Ann Family part Four”

Episode Three of Series Three

Hamish had really got his feet under the table (or Lavinia’s bed really).  The young Scotsman cackled smugly:  “Snaffle!  Snaffle!  Och!  I’ve really landed on me feet here!  Lovely young bride, Go-er for a ma-in-law, nice hoose!  Nae money but never mind, this will do until something better turns up…”    Unfortunately for the young scoundrel,Continue reading “Episode Three of Series Three”

Episode Two. Series Three

One now has wallpaper….  …but I mean, look at the state of it!  Who was this workman?  Meanwhile, Mary is finding the new power shower hard to come to terms with.  I suppose it’s understandable after growing up with a pail of water in a freezing scullery. I’ve a suspicion she hankers after it still.  Continue reading “Episode Two. Series Three”

Series Three of The Amanda Ann Family Show

 It seems one now has a bath – and lighting, such as it is I can’t see the Devil of the point of the thing:     And as for that shower chappie over there.    It seems old Lav is the only one who can get in there  Marjorie finally agreed to the sitting room cumContinue reading “Series Three of The Amanda Ann Family Show”

The Amanda Ann Family Spring Special

One has moved house: Lord Posh managing to wangle some money from our lost country estate and all that.   Unfortunately, Marjorie finds the house so common, she won’t even sit in the room.  I actually wanted this room to be our bedroom.  Hence the pink.  A kind of a love palace, if you will.  MeContinue reading “The Amanda Ann Family Spring Special”