Life with the Amanda Ann Family Part Four

During the past few months, Lavinia had grown up a lot.   However, she did not know what to do with this baby thing, so she went down to Mary, to ask the young mother’s advice: “I say, Mary, what does one do with an illegitimate brat?”“Why!  Give them cake, miss Lav!”said the maid cheerfully.Lavinia thoughtContinue reading “Life with the Amanda Ann Family Part Four”

Life with The Amanda Ann Family Part Two

 Since Marjorie’s return from Italy, she has taken over the marital bed, and I sleep on the chaise lounge.  Which is pretty grim. So it’s little wonder I turn to Mary for comfort.  (Once she’s put the kids to bed) But one night as I make my way down to the kitchen (where Mary sleeps): “OhContinue reading “Life with The Amanda Ann Family Part Two”